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Plant Forum Compilation

Click Here to download the PDF Plant Forum Compilation

An alphabetical listing of over 7500 plants, including over 1600 detailed descriptions

This compilation includes all of the fascinating plants brought to meetings by members, starting from the founding of the society in September 1994. It is an excellent resource for plants that grow well in Southern California. In addition to using the “Find” command to search for the names of plants (by common or scientific name), you can use the command in other ways.  Use it to look up plants by type (search on such phrases as drought tolerant, low water, moderate water, etc.).  You can search for plants by family (Asteraceae, Solanaceae, etc.) or country of origin.  Search on flower color, growth habit (vine, groundcover, etc.), or type of plant (perennial, bulb, etc.).

Our Mission To inspire and educate the people of San Diego County to grow and enjoy plants, and to create beautiful, environmentally responsible gardens and landscapes.

Our Vision To champion regionally appropriate horticulture in San Diego County.


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