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A UCCE Master Gardener since 1998, Sharon Reeve worked for many years as a Consulting Horticulturist for Monrovia Nurseries, and as a landscape designer for Brightview Landscapes in San Diego. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Horticulture, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Landscape Architecture, and a Master of Science degree in Ecology.

The meeting will also be presented live via zoom.  The zoom presentation starts at 6:45.  Use the link below to register to receive the zoom link.

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Previous Zoom Meetings

If you missed a zoom meeting or want to watch all or part of it again: Meetings recordings are now available via  SDHS YouTube Channel, or use the links below.

June Meeting

SHARON REEVE Bees In The Garden: Why We Are Losing Them And How To Get Them Back

A UCCE Master Gardener since 1998, Sharon Reeve worked for many years as a Consulting Horticulturist for Monrovia Nurseries, and as a landscape designer for Brightview Landscapes in San Diego

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April Meeting

Gretchen Ward - How to Grow Epicactus 

Learn all about Epiphyllums, their history, genetics and how to grow them from the past-president of the San Diego Epiphyllum Society.  

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March Meeting 

Janet Shackelford - A Livelier Irist

Learn all about growing Louisiana, Siberian, Spuria, Pacific Coast and Bearded Irises in San Diego County.

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December Meeting 

Chuck McClung - How Orchids Rebloom

After years of leading orchid classes, seminars, and workshops, Chuck shares simple, effective ways to present the basics behind how orchids rebloom.

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November Meeting

Farmer Roy - Fall & Winter Vegetable 

Director of Horticulture at Sunshine Care shares his successes at grown fall and winter vegetables in San Diego.

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September Meeting

Jeffrey Bale - Garden Mosaics

Jeffrey chronicles the history of this self-taught stone Mason’s incredible work as a garden designer and builder over the past 40 years. 

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May Meeting

Gabriel Frank - Striking Succulent Gardens

Gabriel Frank is the founder of Gardens by Gabriel, a landscape design/build firm in Morro Bay, California, known for its distinctive and dramatic succulent designs.

A graduate of the New York Botanical Garden School of Professional Horticulture, he has been honored by America in Bloom and featured in Better Homes and Gardens‘s Country Garden magazine. Learn More

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April Meeting
Johanna Silver - Growing Weed in the Garden

As a board, we have discussed the upcoming Zoom presentation on April 12th at several board meetings before deciding to go ahead with having Johanna Silver present her second book, Growing Weed in the Garden: A No-Fuss, Seed-to-Stash Guide to Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation (Abrams 2020).  Learn More

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March Meeting

Pamela Hyatt - All About Cork 

A few years ago, after a visit to Portugal that included a visit to a stopper production factory, Pamela Koide Hyatt learned about Cork,
Quercus suber.

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February Meeting
Dennis Mudd - Restoration Landscaping  

Calscape, created by Dennis Mudd, is an online resource you won't want to miss.

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January Meeting 
Nan Sterman - SDHS 2021 Horticulturist of the Year

The San Diego Horticultural Society honored SDHS former board member and charter member, Nan Sterman, with Horticulturist of the Year to a packed zoom house. 

Please go to Nan's link tree below to visit her website, buy her book, watch her award winning KPBS TV show and sign up for her newsletters and much more. Learn More

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December Meeting 
John Clements - Citrus in Southern California: A History and Growing Primer

A pictorial history of citrus in Southern California. Using antique photographs, citrus expert and horticultural historian John Clements will lead us on a tour of the places that made citrus famous in California and share stories of the people that made the citrus golden age happen.  Learn More

November Meeting 
John Peter Tobias and Debby Halliday - Conserving Orchids in the Wild and Growing them at Home

In this presentation Peter shares images from orchids in the wild and describe the goals and methods of the conservation group. Learn More

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October Meeting 
Su Kraus - Manzanitas & More, Creating Garden Structure with Natives 

The focus of this presentation is on utilizing hardy, evergreen native shrubs to create the all important backbone of your garden design, attention will be given to the wildlife benefits and bloom cycle that will add interest and activity in the garden and finish up with helpful hints on how to select your plants and where to find them!

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September Meeting 
A Live Zoom Horticultural Concert! 

View this special Zoom Concert of horticulturally rich songs with recording artists Dominique Arciero and her husband, Sean Watkins, of the Grammy-Winning band, Nickle Creek. 

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August Meeting 
Nancy Carol Carter - Kate Sessions’ World Wide Web of Horticulture

Kate Sessions is well known as a San Diego local and regional horticultural influence, but her place within a large professional network of horticulturists is less-well known. 

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July Meeting 
Jim Bishop - 2019 San Diego County Superbloom

We revisit the 2019 superbloom from January to July spanning 25 sites from the deserts, mountains, inland valleys and to the coast.  Join Jim to experience some of his best wildflowers discoveries. 

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2022 Horticulturist of the Year

John Clements has been a horticultural professional for 46 years. Former nursery owner, gardener and koi pond builder to the rich and famous, horticulturalist, commercial fruit tree farmer, garden writer, agricultural historian, co-administrator of the San Diego Gardener Facebook group, and Director of Gardens at the 37-acre San Diego Botanic Garden.

Join us in October for the Horticulturist Of The Year presentation at the San Diego Botanic Garden.  Details coming soon..

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