August Meeting 
Rollin Coville
The Ecology of California Garden Bees
Monday,  August 10  6:00 PM  - 8:30 PM


We welcome entomologist Rollin Coville, who is an important part of the UC Berkeley Urban Bee Lab, where he is the Lead Photographer. Most people are now aware of honey bees and their troubles, but are you aware that California has  approximately 1600 other species of bees? These other bees are often ignored, but are important pollinators. They are critical in maintaining our natural plant communities and are capable of supplementing the pollination services honey bees perform in agriculture. These other bees are also under threat, and gardens can serve as a valuable resource for them.
Dr.Coville’s presentation looks at the amazing diversity of these other bees. He will explore some of their stories, including their classification, nesting habits, and floral preferences. In addition, he will look at some of their natural enemies, insects that mimic their appearance, and what gardeners can do to help their populations.

The presentation starts at 6:45

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September Meeting 
Rebecca Sweet
Refresh Your Garden Design - Simple Strategies to Wake a Weary Garden
Monday,  September 14  6:00 PM  - 8:30 PM

We welcome Rebecca Sweet, author and garden designer with her company,Harmony in the Garden, located in Los Altos, California. A lifelong gardener, her artistic eye and creative flair translate her design ideas into unique and engaging spaces that delight the senses year-round. 

With all of the buzzwords and trends in gardening these days, how do you know where to begin?  Based on her new book, Refresh Your Garden Design with Color, Texture and Form, Rebecca Sweet takes a fresh approach to explain and simplify traditional design concepts for home gardeners of all levels.  You will learn how to break down traditional garden design principles into practical, easy-to-understand and, more importantly, easy-to-implement solutions. Inspirational photographs highlight and reinforce real-life situations, helping you not only to identify what has gone wrong with your garden, but how to fix the problem.  

A book signing will follow the meeting, where Rebecca will have her books available for sale.

The presentation starts at 6:45

  • Members free 
  • Guests $15
  • Parking free for everyone

The 2015 Fair Has Ended: Files available online
Learn More about the SD County Fair exhibit:

Our Exhibition Garden with installation team and awards

Below are links to information about exhibit at this years San Diego County Fair:

Exhibit Handout:

Exhibit Handout 

Signs in the Garden:

Exhibit Sign Ideas to Take Home 

Alcazar Garden Spanish Gardens 


Awards we won  Awards we gave

San Diego County Water Authority Files:

Letter to Garden Volunteers  - Information and links to SDCWA sites and Free Tools

Nifty Fifty - Plants for WaterSmart Landscapes 

SDCWA Postcard  

Residential Rebates - List of Water Authority Rebates and Programs 

2015 Horticulturist of the Year 
Kathy Puplava
First Balboa Park Horticulturist

We are proud to recognize Kathy Puplava as our 2015 Horticulturist of the Year Honoree. Kathy was the first Balboa Park Horticulturist. In 1980, Kathy was hired at the Wild Animal Park t and eventually became a plant propagator in the nursery. In 1985, she transferred to the San Diego Zoo. She was hired by the City of San Diego, Park & Recreation Department in 1988 as the first Balboa Park Horticulturist.

In the 1980s, she was a founding member of a network group called Professional Women’s Horticulture and Landscape Association. 

In 1998, The San Diego Foundation funded a grant to conduct a Balboa Park Tree Survey to not only map, but also to catalog the trees and evaluate the health of the urban forest. And in 2001 with Paul Sirois, they published the Trees and Gardens of Balboa Park. The goal of the book was to help that visitors develop an appreciation of the Park by using the book as a field guide to locate and visit the trees and gardens.

Learn about Kathy Puplava

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